Free-Range, Pastured Pork

Smoked Ham Steak--------$5.75 per pound

Pork Steak--------------------$5.75 per pound

Pork Chop---------------------$5.75 per pound

Spare Ribs--------------------$7.75 per pound

Smoked Bacon---------------$8.00 per pound

Pork burgers 4-#1/4 patties$5.00 per pound

Ground pork 1# chubs/lean----$5.00 per pound

Breakfast sausage----------$5.50 per pound

Liver-----------------------------$4.50 per pound

Grass fed,

Grass-finished Lamb

Lamb Chops--------------------------$10.00 per pound Leg O Lamb---------------------------$10.00 per pound

Lamb Shanks-------------------------- $9.00 per pound

Ground Lamb/lean-------------------$9.00 per pound

Organ Meats (liver, heart, kidney)----------  $4.50 per pound


Pastured Poultry

Whole Chicken----------------------$5.00 per pound

8 piece cut-up Chicken ----------$5.50 per pound

Local, Farm-Raised Meats

  • no antibiotics
  • no steroids
  • no growth hormones
  • grass-fed and grass finished
  • free range
  • confinement- free

We will have individual cuts only! No whole, halves or quarters,

Prices subject to change without notice.

Updated 01/31/2017