Certification Definitions

AMISH- Amish Old Order Pennsylvania Dutch

MOSA - Midwest Organic Services Association

NOP - National Organic Program

OCIA - Organic Crop improvement Association Int

*ONP - Organic & natural practices / non-certified

Our Companion Farmers

We work together with other like-minded growers, producers and farmers to provide you with a sustainable, local advantage from our community to your families table!

Bate's Produce & Sorghum - Rich Hill, MO

Blackberry Hill Farms - Rich Hill, MO

*Borntrager Farms - Clark, MO (Amish) (MOSA)

Caston Blueberry Farms - Onia, AR

Clark Produce Auction - Clark, MO

*Danjo Farms - Moberly, MO (ONP)

*Gingerich Farms - Clark, MO (Amish) (MOSA)

Gordon's Orchard - Ocseola, MO

Four Quarter Processing - Perry, MO MO Dept of Ag Inspected

*Miller Farms - Clark, MO (Amish) (MOSA)

Peters Orchard - Waverly, MO

*Petershiem Farms - Clark, MO (MOSA) (ONP)

*Troyer Farms - Clark, MO (Amish) (ONP)

White Barn Processing - Monroe City, MO MO Dept of Ag Inspected

*Yoder Farms - Clark, MO (Amish) (ONP)