About Danjo Farms - true American Farmers!

Hi, we are Dan and Joanne Nelson! We were born and raised on farms in Iowa and Utah in the United States of  America. We're 6th generation farmers! Plus, Dan's is a chef and Joanne is a nurse by trade. Our five boys, Brad, Derek, Jesse, Aaron and Wade, have all worked on the farm. They have given their time and effort in building a great heritage for our family, farm business. We true American farmers born and bred!

Today we pride ourselves in working with other farmers and the local community to provide a wide variety of produce, berried & fruits, meat, baked goods, value-added products and eggs straight from the farm to you. We still do our fair share of the work with a small produce garden, three greenhouses, barns & sheds for raising animals and a certified professional kitchen for processing all types of products and a home spun bakery.

Stop in! Come out and enjoy our farm some day neighbors - you'll be glad you did! See you soon!

Dan, Joanne, Brad, Derek, Jesse, Aaron and Wade!

Your local, family farmers in Moberly, Missouri